Please note: Budget Raffle Tickets are still operating during this COVID-19 crisis. Our thoughts are with those who are directly and indirectly affected.


Once you have accepted your quote and ticket proof we guarantee that standard orders will be dispatched from our office within 3 business days (although they are typically sent within 1 business day).


  • Payment is required prior to printing if you haven't supplied an ABN or incorporation number.
  • A 50% deposit or a purchase order is required prior to printing for orders over the value of $1,000.
  • Delivery time is additional to the 3 day dispatch and is subject on your location.
  • Non standard orders may take longer to dispatch based on quantity and complexity.

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Our Experience


Budget Raffle Tickets have been helping non profit organisations since 2007.  We have gained extensive knowledge working with thousands of our customers running raffles as well as years of experience running local raffles (see about us).  We can provide information and guidance to help you achieve a successful fundraising outcome.  If you have any questions about raffle fundraising don't hesitate to contact us.